Jason Statham Is Reportedly Being Eyed To Play Bullseye On ‘Daredevil’

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06.05.15 14 Comments
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Jason Statham should be in every movie, including Bonds 25-47. Short of that, he should appear in all television shows. It’s a damn shame he never showed up as Johnny Karate’s rival on Parks and Recreation, or Boyd’s hard-drinking English cousin on Justified. Statham is, however, being eyed to play the evil assassin Bullseye in season two of Netflix’s Daredevil.

According to a trusted source at Marvel’s new TV production offices, Jason Statham is being pursued to play Bullseye in season 2 of Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series.

It is not yet confirmed as reps would not give me a call back.

Our spies spotted him meeting with Marvel personnel earlier this week while taking a break from the press tour for Spy. Aside from Bullseye, other villainous characters who are said to appear in Daredevil‘s highly-anticipated second season include Mr. Fear, Mysterio (one of Spider-Man’s iconic rogues), and Elektra – Daredevil’s eventual love interest. (Via)

Statham is so good and so funny in Spy that I almost want him to do more comedies. Then I remember the hallway fight scene from Daredevil, and imagine everyone in the scene, including the titular hero, being played by Statham, like all the Agent Smiths in The Matrix.

I would finish season two in 13 hours. Then watch it again.

(Via Latino Review)

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