Jason Sudeikis Has Addressed Don Cheadle’s ‘Wrap It Up’ Gesture During His ‘Ted Lasso’ Golden Globes Speech

Jason Sudeikis had a bit of a viral moment during Sunday night’s Golden Globes as the Best Actor winner delivered a rambling acceptance speech that prompted fellow nominee Don Cheadle to gesture for him to wrap it up. In response, a very chill Sudeikis, who won for his work in Ted Lasso, explained after the show that everything is cool, and he actually appreciates Cheadle flagging him to bring his speech in for a landing, according to Deadline.

“Hey that’s just Kansas City love,” Sudeikis said during a virtual press conference following the Golden Globes. “If anyone was going to tell me… He knew I’d listen to him. That’s all that is. A lot of people don’t know that he’s an excellent stage manager as well as an a American acting icon. The guy’s got chops, you know?”

As it turns out, Sudeikis has a penchant for going long on speeches, and it actually paid off when it comes to his work on Ted Lasso. One of the first season’s more memorable moments is the “Allen Iverson speech,” which co-creator Bill Lawrence admits was all Sudeikis who fought to keep the scene as is. Here’s what Lawrence previously told Uproxx:

That was 100 percent Jason Sudeikis. He insisted on it. And here’s what a good guy he is: he didn’t rub it in my face. In editing, I tried to cut it down and I’m like, “We don’t need all of this.” And he was adamant and really passionate about it, how he wrote it and performed it. The testament to his kindness is as we get to watch people on social media love that scene and react to it, he hasn’t once texted or emailed any “I told you so” messages. He hasn’t even forwarded a tweet to me; you know what I mean?

With a Golden Globe win under his belt, Sudeikis has even more reason to gloat, but we get the feeling that this would never be his style.

(Via Deadline)