Jay Leno Was Summoned Back To ‘The Tonight Show’ To Tag In For Jimmy Fallon’s Monologue

Normally this would make me question who opened The Necronomicon and read the words the wrong way, but there is a reason for this. Jay Leno has a new car show coming to CNBC and he got a chance to return to his “old” stomping grounds at The Tonight Show in order to tag in for Jimmy Fallon during the monologue. That means more of those great jokes that kept Leno on top of the ratings for years (and likely drove David Letterman insane).

It’s typical Leno humor for the first bit, then he pulls out the classic Carson-inspired call and response jokes. This causes Fallon to run back out and join the fray, adding his own jokes to the pile before asking Jay if he wants to stay around. He couldn’t, though, because he was apparently heading off to be the first guest on Colbert.

You might think it is just coincidence that Jay is dressed all in black for this appearance, but he’s actually just coming back from a meeting with his agent at the local funeral home. Gotta support the fans.

(Via The Tonight Show)