The Trailer For ‘Jellystone!’ Shows There’s A Lot More Going On With Yogi Bear Than Just Stealing Picnic Baskets

HBO Max has become something of a haven for cartoon fans in its first few months, with the very excellent Harley Quinn escaping DC’s streaming service and JG Quintel’s Close Enough delighting as well. That’s not to mention all of the great Studio Ghibli projects on the platform as well. But the latest cartoon set for HBO Max brings back a number of famous Hanna Barbera creations for a Yogi Bear-centric series called Jellystone!

Set in a town alongside Yogi’s beloved park, Jellystone! has a much different feel (and sound) in the trailer than the rote stories you may have grown up watching. The show seems ready to dive into a more modern take on absurd cartoon plotlines than simple picnic basket-stealing. But one of the takeaways from the trailer is that Yogi is far from alone in Jellystone!

One of the jokes of the trailer is, well, there are a lot of very well-known characters in Jellystone! that go far beyond the classic Yogi Bear Cinematic Universe. Sure, Yogi is there performing patient care without a medical license, and Boo-Boo and Cindy Bear are also here as well. But everyone from Captain Caveman to Johnny Quest is apparently hanging out in Jellystone looking for some shenanigans to get into.

And there’s also jacked, athletic Yogi playing tennis.

We’ll see just what all those characters get up to when Jellystone! hits HBO Max on July 29.