Jenna Fisher And Angela Kinsey Recreated A Classic ‘The Office’ Scene

Angela from The Office has a cooking show in Youtube. If you didn’t know anything about Angela Kinsey outside of the character she played on the NBC comedy, this might sound strange. But Kinsey is much different than Angela Martin.

For example, she’s close friends with Jenna Fisher, who played Pam. On the show, the two never quite connected, and it was made clear at basically every turn that Angela didn’t like Pam, which made her not like Angela very much. But off camera, and out of character, the two were close on set. So it made sense that Fisher joined Kinsey on the show to cook some Christmas cookies and, in the process, recreate a scene they shot together in Season 4.

“Fun Run” has a lot going on: it opens with Michael hitting Meredith with his car. The show’s documentary makers also reveal to Jim and Pam that they know they are dating. But Angela also has a sick cat, which Dwight then mercy kills by shoving him in her freezer. Angela gets suspicious when her frozen foods are “clawed to shreds” that perhaps Sprinkles didn’t die of natural causes, but of a body temperature too low to survive. Which would mean her boyfriend killed her cat.

So when Kinsey had Fisher on her show to make cake pops while wearing Christmas sweaters, she took the opportunity to recreate that classic scene with her friend. Kinsey has done this with members of The Office cast before, but during the clip Kinsey posted on Twitter, they revealed why Angela and Pam didn’t have many scenes together over the years on the show: they made each other laugh too much.

“This scene, like, we laughed so many times the director took a break — gave us a break,” Kinsey said. “Like, ‘ladies, I think you need a minute.'”

Fischer said they were going to “do it in one” take. They did not. In fact, Fisher was laughing before they scene even started, and the two giggled through multiple takes while again saying this is why they didn’t have many scenes together.

That actually makes a lot of sense: the people that made The Office really liked each other, and laughing too much is a common problem when you have that many funny people together in one cast. I’m sure that actually wasn’t the reason Pam and Angela weren’t in too many scenes together, but it’s a much more fun reason to consider than the writer’s room just not coming up with enough fun combinations in the course of writing the show.