‘C*nt Sandwich!’: Watch Jennifer Aniston And Lisa Kudrow Engage In A Spirited Curse-Off

Jennifer Aniston was on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to promote Horrible Bosses 2. Also taking part in the festivities was fellow Friends alum Lisa Kudrow, who conveniently had something to promote as well (HBO’s excellent The Comeback.)

Rather than ask the duo for retread anecdotes about their decade-gone sitcom, Kimmel had the old pals put on their swearing pants and engage in a “Celebrity Curse Off.” Each side was given five seconds to come up with a curse word until one of the ladies failed to come up with an original vulgarity. The contest lasted for upwards of three minutes, which is a lot longer than I was expecting, especially after seeing Aniston walk to the podium with her hands meekly tucked into her dress pockets.

Friends reunions are nothing new to Kimmel. Earlier this year, Aniston and Kudrow performed a new Friends scene (with the help of Courteney Cox) on his program.