Remember That Time Jennifer Aniston Was Completely Replaced On An Episode Of ‘Friends’?

11.12.15 4 years ago 2 Comments

Shock! Outrage! Disbelief! Those are just some of the emotions Friends fans are feeling about the revelation that there’s an episode of the iconic show in which Rachel Green was played by someone other than Jennifer Aniston. And, according to a fanatic who just spotted the mistake, there’s no going back in the knowledge that cast members were sometimes replaced in pivotal scenes.

Jordan D’Amico, who’s been watching the show in a spree of excitement for the umpteenth time (because it is very, very watchable) was enjoying season 9 (episode 15)  of the show when he spotted the mistake. It happens right after the credits, when Rachel runs in to one of the Friends’ inexplicably huge and affordable apartments to tell Joey that he’s got an audition with a famous actor played by Jeff Goldblum. But that set-up isn’t as important as what happens next. When Joey and Monica start freaking out about whether the famous actor’s co-star monkey will be at the audition, the screen pans back to Rachel and…she’s not there. But someone else is!

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