Jennifer Lawrence Freaks Out In Front Of Damian Lewis, Calls Reporter A Monster For Spoiling ‘Homeland’

This is actually kind of sad (while also being completely adorable): Over the weekend, on the red carpet for the SAGs, an Access Hollywood reporter forcibly introduced Jennifer Lawrence to Homeland’s Damian Lewis, despite the fact that Jennifer Lawrence was nervous about it, and wasn’t ready to meet Lewis. But entertainment reporters have seen this scenario play out enough times with Lawrence to know a nervous confrontation with another celebrity is viral gold. Sure enough, Lawrence freaks out, and here we are. But Lewis is cool about it, and it has all the makings of another delightful Jennifer Lawrence celebrity freak-out encounter UNTIL …

… Despite the fact that Jennifer Lawrence had clearly stated that she had only seen the first two seasons of Homeland, the two reporters not only spoil season three (spoilers, by the way), they honestly seem to relish in it. They seem delighted by the fact, and it’s only when Lawrence PRACTICALLY CRIES at having the ending spoiled that the Access Hollywood reporter actually shows remorse (meanwhile, Damian Lewis is great throughout, trying to pass the spoiler off as a joke).

Poor Jennifer Lawrence. Also, those entertainment reporters are terrible.