Jennifer Lawrence Shared Some Hilarious Awkward Moments On ‘The Tonight Show’

A Jennifer Lawrence press tour is always good for some amusing interviews, and she didn’t disappoint on Wednesday’s episode of The Tonight Show. After insisting that her frequent falling is not an act (as a fellow clumsy person, I am inclined to believe her), she and Jimmy Fallon launch into a cringingly hilarious bout of one-upmanship involving yogurt, accidentally kissing Clive Davis, and mistaking a woman for Elizabeth Taylor (who was already dead at the time).

However, the most painful one easily belongs to Lawrence when she met Francis Ford Coppola and didn’t realize that her dress had unzipped, leaving her uncomfortably and unwittingly exposed. Stars! They’re just like us (except with fame, movie stars, and private planes)!

As the press tour for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2 continues and then Joy follows after, we’re sure to reach peak Lawrence saturation. However, I don’t think anyone is going to mind. And if they do, she’ll probably win them over.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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