Jennifer Love Hewitt Continues To Promote ‘The Client List’ By Singing In Her Underpants

02.05.13 5 years ago 22 Comments

I have seen something like one and a half episodes of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s Lifetime series The Client List, so I really can’t speak intelligently about its upcoming second season. For all I know they introduced a wise-cracking alien named Hector in the fifth episode who purchased the massage parlor/brothel she works in because his spaceship is powered by semen and he needs five gallons to fuel his trip home. Is it doubtful? Sure. And it seems like something I would have found out about. But it could have happened. That’s my point.

But here’s something I do know about the show, and about life in general: Jennifer Love Hewitt seems insistent on promoting it by singing and dancing in her underpants, and if you look as good as Jennifer Love Hewitt does, singing and dancing in your underpants is a great idea and you should do it a lot. In commercials, in your house, in the bank, whatever. My ideal society is millions of people who look like Jennifer Love Hewitt and Channing Tatum performing choreography to 90s R&B songs in the street while wearing underwear and a tank top, MAXIMUM. It will be a very sexy, smooth world, and I will be its king.

(Via EW)

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