‘Jeopardy!’ Viewers Could Not Believe Contestants Flubbed A Betty White Clue

Just because you’re brainy enough to get on Jeopardy! doesn’t mean you know everything. It’s not uncommon to watch contestants who know obscure world capitols and physics terms eat pavement when it comes to pop culture trivia everyone but them knows. Friday brought another example, in which three smarties proved they may know a lot but they don’t know The Golden Girls.

The category was “Everything’s Coming Up Rose,” and the $400 answer was an easy one: “In 1986 she won an Emmy Award for playing Rose Nylund on The Golden Girls.” The question, as most people know, is “Who is Betty White?”

Alas, that’s not the question any of the three contestants went with. One went with Rue McClanahan. Another guessed Bea Arthur. The third said nothing, not even Estelle Getty. Host Mayim Bialik very politely informed them it was the beloved Betty White.

The blunder gave many social media chuckleheads the opportunity to gloat about their superior intelligence, at least when it comes to beloved television that used to air on Saturday nights, right before Amen.



It’s been a year-and-a-half since we lost Betty White, who was mere weeks shy of her 100th birthday. Perhaps the Jeopardy! contestants who couldn’t even guess her name should take a break from book-learnin’ and watch some Golden Girls, and maybe even some of her classic old school game show appearances.

(Via The Daily Beast)