Jeremy Renner Thought Mark Hamill Was A Homeless Guy When He First Met Him

For most people, meeting your hero is an all but impossible feat of coincidence that — were it to ever happen — would most likely turn you into a blubbering mess. As for the heroes themselves, the general assumption is that these kinds of chance encounters happen all the time, so they’ll never have to worry about wetting themselves. Unless, of course, it’s Jeremy Renner, otherwise known as Clint Barton/Hawkeye in Captain America: Civil War. While discussing the new Marvel film’s London premiere on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, he recalled meeting his own childhood hero and thinking that he’d just seen a random homeless guy on the red carpet.

“We were signing autographs, and I turn around and I see this guy with this beard. I thought he was some homeless guy,” Renner explained. “I went backstage two minutes later and I realize it’s Mark Hamill. It’s Luke Skywalker… He had this tremendous, beautiful beard, and when I saw him, I think I literally peed a little.”

If mistaken identity and potentially soiled undergarments weren’t enough embarrassment for Renner, the actor went on to tell Hamill that he’d sported Star Wars-themed underwear as a kid: “I had you on my underwear. Your face was on my underwear!”

Creepiness aside, Renner said the pair exchanged action figures and, along with a weeping Elizabeth Olsen, posed for a photo at the Captain America: Civil War London premiere. Proving once and for all that, whether bodily fluids are flowing from above or below, you can always take a picture with a homeless guy.