Jerry Bruckheimer And Len Wiseman Are Officially Producing A ‘Lucifer’ Pilot For Fox

A few months back, word broke that Fox was interested in a TV adaptation of the long-running Vertigo Comics series, Lucifer. Well, we can now confirm Fox has now officially ordered a pilot for the series.

We also know a bit more about who will be involved in the TV version of Lucifer. The show will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer (no introduction needed), Len Wiseman (Sleepy Hollow, The Underworld franchise) and KristieAnne Reed (Hostages). The series will be written by Tom Kapinos (Californication).

The comic book version of Lucifer, created by Neil Gaiman and Sam Keith in the pages of Sandman, abandoned his humdrum life as King of Hell for a more exciting life on Earth. In the comics Lucifer had a wide range of fantasy adventures, interacting and battling with a variety of Biblical figures, but in the TV show he’ll mostly be, wait for it – solving crimes. According to Variety the TV show will be about Lucifer using his Satanic powers to help the LAPD “punish criminals”, because it’s literally impossible for an hour-long network TV show to anything other than a crime procedural.

No word yet on who will play Lucifer in CSI: Hell, or when the show will debut. What do you folks think? Anybody excited for some Hellfire-powered perp busting?

via Variety