Jerry Seinfeld Says He’s Sorry About The ‘Uncomfortable Sexual Aspect’ Of His Children’s Film ‘Bee Movie’

Jerry Seinfeld has never had another Seinfeld, the landmark ‘90s sitcom that just arrived in its entirety on Netflix. There’s been huge fanfare around the show’s new home, even though it was long available on Hulu (and also in the wrong aspect ratio). Seinfeld himself has been doing the press rounds, talking about his favorite moments, saying he’d change some things if he had to. But he wound up talking about another major work of his: the 2007 animated comedy Bee Movie.

Bee Movie remains the TV legend’s biggest foray into the big screen, in which he voiced a sentient insect in love with a female human, voiced by Renee Zellweger. That, incidentally, is what has long irked some people: that it was essentially a cross-species romance. And when Seinfeld went on The Tonight Show, he made sure to issue a mea culpa.

“I apologize for what seems to be a certain uncomfortable subtle sexual aspect of the Bee Movie,” Seinfeld semi-jokingly the crowd. “[It] really was not intentional, but after it came out, I realized this is really not appropriate for children. Because the bee seemed to have a thing for the girl, and we don’t really want to pursue that as an idea in children’s entertainment.”

It’s not the only strange thing about Bee Movie. At one point the film turns into a legal thriller, with Seinfeld’s Barry B. Benson suing the whole human race exploiting bees for their honey. Also Ray Liotta plays himself.

Whether Seinfeld really needed to make a public apology, you can judge for yourself: Bee Movie streams on Netflix, along with all 180 episodes of Seinfeld.

You can watch Seinfeld’s Tonight Show appearance in the video above.

(Via EW)