Watch Jerry Seinfeld Return To NBC To Play ‘Pictionary’ With Jimmy Fallon, Martin Short, & Miranda Sings

I feel like we just got finished talking about these two. Clearly Jerry Seinfeld is a liar because he said at the end of his latest Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee that he would never see Miranda Sings again. How am I supposed to believe anything he says in the future? I bet he doesn’t even own those cars from the show.

Anyway, he made a triumphant return to NBC to play some ‘Pictionary’ on The Tonight Show with Miranda in tow. Their opponents were Martin Short, attempting to pull the blood from the stone that is Mulaney, and Jimmy Fallon.

I know this isn’t on par with everyone’s tastes, but I would call this the best game of ‘Pictionary’ I’ve seen on the show. I got a good laugh and hopefully you will too.

(Via The Tonight Show)