Here’s Ten Minutes Of Jerry Seinfeld And Stephen Colbert Trying To Figure Out If They Like Each Other

From the moment Stephen Colbert intro’d Jerry Seinfeld with, “My guest tonight is a comedian you may know from the hit sitcom, Costanza,” I knew I had to watch every second of the interview. I didn’t really want to, I was just compelled to. Something about Seinfeld and Colbert interacting is inherently — world colliding-ly — odd. It’s something cosmic forces shouldn’t allow to happen.

My suspicions had merit as I would describe the two-part interview as “mildly contentious while never straying too far from playful.” Seinfeld lacks the humility to go head first in with Colbert’s antics, but he still seems to kinda/sorta enjoy the exchange even if it’s clear that he doesn’t fully respect Colbert as a comedian since he plays a character instead of engaging in the most noble and challenging of professions: standup comedy.

So, not as revealing as the recent Howard Stern interview, but an even more interesting juxtaposition of two comedic forces with different styles at much different points in their careers.

Part one is mostly a “Comedians in Cars” discussion, complete with a clip featuring a glimpse at the non-Grown Ups version of Chris Rock.

And here’s the more general comedy chat. Equal parts uncomfortable and mesmerizing.

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