Jesse James’s Dog Attacked a Corgi

For the first time in Warming Glow history, a corgi story actually intersects with TV news (on a Friday, no less) — but it’s not the happy moment we might have hoped for. A pit bull belonging to “Monster Garage” host Jesse James escaped from James’s motorcycle shop in Austin, Texas and attacked a corgi on a walk.

Per a spokesman with Austin Animal Control, James’ pet happened on a Corgi named Buckley and sank its fangs into the poor fella’s neck before police called to the scene managed to separate the two. Buckley’s owner also came to his dog’s defense, punching the pit bull in its face until it gave up.

The mauled pup was rushed to a nearby veterinary hospital where it was sedated and doctors stitched up the wound and drained it to prevent infection. [E! Online]

TMZ reports that James gave the owner $250 for the vet bill and “also promised to cover any additional medical expenses,” but an Uproxx tipster claiming to be close friends with Buckley’s owners says that James was “not very sympathetic.”

I wonder how people become giant, gaping assh*les on the level of James. Are you born that big of an assh*le? Or does it take years and years of hard work and screwing anyone with a neck tattoo? I don’t consider myself a very religious person, but I’m going to pray for James… to get into a deadly motorcycle crash. C’mon, Jesus! Let’s do this!