Spoilers: Jesus Lands A Familiar Love Interest In ‘The Walking Dead’ Comics

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SPOILERS for The Walking Dead Comics, Knowledge of Which May Result in Multiple Spoilers for The Walking Dead TV Series

Issue #169 of Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead comic has arrived, and it largely deals in the aftermath of The Whisperer War, as well as the death of Andrea (in the comics, Andrea is more closely associated with Michonne in the TV series, which suggests Michonne could die on The Walking Dead three to four seasons from now). Rick is grieving; Carl is grieving; and Negan — who is now an adversarial ally to Rick — is finally kicked out of Alexandria. The issue largely sets up another potentially long-running storyline, and perhaps another location far away from Alexandria (potentially in Ohio).

However, there is one particularly noteworthy development in Issue #169: Jesus finally lands a boyfriend. It’s a familiar character to fans of The Walking Dead TV series, too.

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