Jillian Bell On ‘Rough Night,’ Finally Getting An ‘Idiotsitter’ Sex Scene And Smoking Weed

Columbia / Getty Image

Jillian Bell is known by many different names. She’s been slowly building up a resumé that includes stints on Workaholics, big budget action comedies like 22 Jump Street, and Paul Thomas Anderson films. She’s played strait-laced, sweater-loving coworkers like Jillian Belk, controlling wives like Dixie on Eastbound and Down, and spoiled rich girls under house arrest, like Gene on Idiotsitter, created by Bell and her writing partner Charlotte Newhouse.

Along with the second season of Idiotsitter, which recently premiered on Comedy Central and sees Gene and her best friend/reluctant mentor Billie (Newhouse) heading off to college, Bell’s got a raunchy summer comedy hitting theaters today, Rough Night, a film in which she appears alongside Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon and others that follows a group of college friends reuniting for a girls weekend that begins with a murder and ends… well, probably not well. Bell talked to Uproxx about her favorite sex scene on Idiotsitter, her first time smoking weed, and her love for Meg Ryan.

Congratulations. You’ve gone from wearing Costco sweaters on Workaholics to starring in a movie with Scarlett Johansson.

Yeah, it’s very nutty but it’s been going all right.

That Catholic school upbringing must’ve done something right. I didn’t even know there were Catholic schools in Las Vegas.

Well I went to Catholic elementary school, there are a few of those but I believe at the time, it was the only Catholic high school in Las Vegas.

Now you’re dropping F bombs and killing strippers in movies. The nuns must be proud.

[Laughing.] I haven’t checked in with them but I believe they’re very happy with the progress I’ve made as a human adult. No really though, I feel like every time I check in with my mom I’m like, “You still good with everything?”