Jim Belushi Found Out The Hard Way On ‘Twin Peaks’ What Happens When You Try To Ad Lib With David Lynch

07.22.17 9 months ago


Apparently Blue Velvet mastermind David Lynch puts together a TV program a smidge differently than how they did things on According To Jim. Different strokes for different folks and all that.

San Diego Comic Con played host to a special Twin Peaks panel and included in the magic was a story about how The Belush wound up displeasing Lynch will making the revived series for Showtime. As you might expect from a dude like Lynch, ad-libbing and not sticking to the script isn’t the best way to win his favor. Time shared the tale Kyle MacLachlan relayed about what happened when Belushi attempted improv.

“I can tell a brief story about an actor who’s not here named Jim Belushi,” shared MacLachlan. “Jim decided he was going to ad-lib a line in this heightened moment of euphoria, which he did. And we heard, ‘Cut!’ And David has this megaphone, and he said Mr. Belushi, ‘Do I have to report you to the principal’s office?’ And Jim said, ‘No, sir. Got it.’ I hope that helps answer your question.”

It takes a special brand of artistic credibility to make the threat of being reported to the principal’s office sound like the ultimate humiliation. Kudos to Davey Boy.

Lynch would appear briefly in video form at Friday’s panel festivities even though he wasn’t physically at Hall H. Naturally, the appearance was Lynchian in itself. Here’s how Variety described the events that unfolded in his video message:

Lynch began by saying hello, but then he started yelling at someone off-camera. At that point, it sounded like a man fell from a great height. Lynch came back and said, “I’ve got to show you something” — and lifted up what looked like a dead hand. There was something in the hand: “This supposedly is the last golf ball O.J. Simpson hit before going into prison.” The film cut out again and then Lynch was back: “Today you’re going to meet some great actresses and actors …” Lynch began, but then, off-camera, it sounded like total chaos was breaking out. Lynch: “You can’t bring a horse in here. Manuel, take that gun away.” Fans packed into Hall H heard the sound of a horse whinnying. And then the film finally abruptly cut out.

Showtime should consider airing 10-15 episodes of David Lynch video dispatches. Make it happen, premium cable power players!

(Via Time & Variety)

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