Does This Video Prove William Of ‘Westworld’ And Liam McPoyle Of ‘Always Sunny’ Are The Same Person?

One of the biggest and most obvious theories in the wholly confusing first season of Westworld is that William and the Man in Black are one in the same. After following William’s increasingly dark timeline over the course of the past nine episodes that culminated in his vicious robot massacre at the end of the last episode, the series has all but confirmed it. But if William and the Man in Black are, in fact, the same, what might other potential timelines have in store for us? Could we see William at yet another point in his life? What if his arc transcends the universe of Westworld all together??

To that point, someone on YouTube edited the above video of William from Westworld and Liam McPoyle from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and as you can see, both characters scream exactly the same. Okay, yes, technically both William and Liam are both played by actor Jimmi Simpson. But what if — what if — there’s a timeline, perhaps prior to the events in Westworld, in which William lived in the city of Philadelphia where he was enslaved into an incestuous relationship with his sister and brother? That would certainly explain why he’s so damn angry all the time. If William ever insists that any of the hosts “bump it,” then we’ll definitely know for sure.

(Via Reddit)