Bryan Cranston And Jimmy Fallon Bring Their ‘Tonight Show’ Interview To The Bathtub With Bubbly Results

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If you only watch one video of Bryan Cranston taking off flowery panties in a tub with Jimmy Fallon, make it the one nestled above. Granted, it’s probably the only game in town for that sort of thing, but we’re nudging you to hit play for a reason.

Cranston and Fallon weren’t just mucking about, of course. The Academy Award nominee was bathing with Fallon on official Tonight Show business last night as the show wrapped up its recent jaunt to Los Angeles. Using the line of thinking of “Dalton Trumbo wrote in the tub, so let’s get the guy from Trumbo in a tub,” the stage was set for what was billed as the first-ever bathtub interview. Bubbles were touched, (some) clothes were removed and drinks were consumed. Everyone seemed to have a lovely time and no one drowned, so full points all around.

Bryan Cranston has developed into a bit of a Tonight Show/Late Night all-star when it comes to his interactions with Jimmy Fallon. He’s busted out some awesome suspended by wires soap opera acting, taken on the word badonkadonk and played with a look or two while hanging out with NBC’s crown prince of late night. Of course, he also serves up quality work on Colbert, so he’s a just plain ol’ excellent across the board late night comedy guy.

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