Jimmy Fallon Honored David Letterman’s Retirement With A Top Ten List Of His Own

Jimmy Fallon took some time out of the end of the week to give a nod towards a retiring David Letterman by stealing one of the late night legend’s most famous bits. Of course “stolen” is the word that Fallon uses, I’d call it more of a tribute or homage, celebrating a noteworthy career and making jokes at the expense of Letterman’s retirement. Here’s Fallon as quoted by Deadline:

“It’s hard to imagine late-night TV without him, ’cause he revolutionized it. He made it what it is today. And, after I heard the news, I kind of started thinking about reasons why Letterman is retiring. … If you want, I could just read my Top 10.”

It might not be as touching as Seth Meyers or Keith Olbermann’s tributes to the CBS staple, but it is the funniest of the bunch. I especially like the Rob Ford joke (almost said wisecrack) and the fact that late night is getting too Jimmyesque.

(Via The Tonight Show)