Jimmy Fallon Has Now Inspired A Second Ben And Jerry’s Ice Cream Flavor

Did you know that Jimmy Fallon had a Ben and Jerry’s flavor named after him? I certainly didn’t, and I crush carton pretty frequently. Apparently, Fallon’s flavor was called Late Night Snack and it faded into the darkness of nevermore last year.

Aware that late night comedy’s reigning ratings king can’t be without a sweet treat tribute, though, Benny and the Jer stopped by The Tonight Show last night (above) to unveil Fallon’s new flavor and to get hugs.

The new flavor is called The Tonight Dough, and according to Eric Fredette, Ben and Jerry’s Flavor Guru and the inventor of this particular flavor, it’s got:

A double-double flavor with two ice creams, two cookie doughs and a crunchy cookie swirl. It’s simply over the top!

Mmm mmm, that sounds like the kind of ice cream that I’d eat a ton of, walk away from, and then inevitably go back to; gorging myself long past when I should have given up. And that joke would have been awesome if Leno was still hosting The Tonight Show. Do you see all that we’re missing?

Anyway, all proceeds from the sale of The Tonight Dough will go to funding the SeriousFun Children’s Network charity and not to the cost of keeping Fallon’s ritalin prescription filled. Which is a shame because now he’s just gonna have to run and run, playing weird party games with everyone until he tuckers himself out.

(Source: YouTube via AV Club)