Watch Rashida Jones And Jimmy Fallon Turn 2014’s Most Popular Songs Into Holiday-Themed Parodies

Jimmy Fallon, classic overachiever. While Thanksgiving dinner was still working its way through the digestive tracts of other late night hosts, Fallon was teaming up with Rashida Jones to transform the year’s biggest pop music hits into a holiday-themed parody medley.

Watch the video above to see how the duo gave “All About That Bass,” “Stay With Me,” “Bang Bang,” “Turn Down For What,” and more a holiday spin in a live performance that has turned into an annual tradition. Fallon and Jones executed similar parodies last year and in 2012.

For your reference, here are the lyrics to each parody, courtesy of The Tonight Show:

“All About That Bass”
Yeah, my mama she cooked me a turkey with all the sides
Then she made me some cranberry sauce and then 12 pumpkin pies
Because you know I’m gonna gain some weight, gain some weight (need sweatpants)
I’m gonna gain some weight, gain some weight (need sweatpants)

“Stay With Me”
Oh won’t you, drink with me?
I hate my, family
They’re insane, it’s plain to see
So won’t you, drink with me?

“Turn Down For What”
Stuff a duck, inside a turkey’s butt…
Turducken for what?
Turducken for what?

You know what to do on this Hanukkah
Dreidel dreidel dreidel
Dreidel dreidel dreidel

My Secret Santa don’t –
My Secret Santa don’t –
My Secret Santa don’t want none unless you got gifts, hon!

“Bang Bang”
I’ve got a special thing I like to drink, when I get thirsty and it’s Christmastime
Just take some nutmeg and some cinnamon, and then you mix it up it tastes so fine
Egg nog!
Into your mug (Just add some whiskey)
Egg nog!
Getting you drunk (I’m feelin’ tipsy)

“Let It Go”
Mistletoe, mistletoe
Just bought a bunch at the store
Mistletoe, mistletoe
Gonna hang it from my door
I don’t care who I kiss today
Let your tongue stick out
Cold sores never bothered me anyway

Christmas ball
He had a big red suit
With a sack full of loot
With eight reindeers and a sleigh
Had a big round belly like a bowl full of jelly
And he came around on Christmas day…
Santa Claus!