Jimmy Fallon Is Making A Fool Of Himself In This ‘Staying Alive’ Promo For ‘The Tonight Show’

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01.14.14 3 Comments

The clock is ticking down to the premiere of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. To promote Jimmy’s ascension to the late night throne and the triumphant return of the show to New York City, the folks at Late Night busted out the iconic scene from Saturday Night Fever.

The result was horrifying. Then it was hilarious. Then it was jovial. Then hilarious again. Back to horror. And then finished up with pure malaise. The kind of malaise that you could spread on toast and serve for breakfast alongside a beer and a bowl of Beefaroni.

Still, it’ll be nice to see Jay Leno take a break for a while. Maybe take up painting with George Bush or driving Jerry Seinfeld around.

(Via Late Night)

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