Jimmy Fallon’s Video Game Week Starts With The Xbox One

For those unaware, Jimmy Fallon is rolling out his annual Video Games Week this week, which is essentially every major publisher and platform getting one show to show off their wares. First up, last night, was Microsoft. What’d we see?

Honestly, the spot itself felt a bit stiff, and a lot like an infomercial. The opening in particular, as we get walked through the different parts of the system, got a little QVC, especially since Fallon has to pretend like he doesn’t know what all of this stuff is. Phil Harrison does manage to crack the salesman facade long enough to get a good one in at Fallon’s expense as they play Killer Instinct. Also, Fallon might possibly be a worse gamer than Conan O’Brien, something he plays up to full effect in the clip:

If you’re just interested in seeing the games they featured, here’s Killer Instinct and Forza 5. Far more entertaining was the intro they created as part of the event. It’s pretty much an orgy of video game references from the common to the obscure:

Although we do have to question that Sonic bit. Come on, that’s River City Ransom Jimmy Fallon, not 16-bit Jimmy Fallon.

The rest of the schedule is pretty attention-getting: Tonight we’ll see Knack on the PS4, Wednesday will feature Watch Dogs, Thursday will have Call of Duty: Ghosts and Friday will be a Wii U demo day. We’ll be covering the clips revealed as well; we’ll be especially curious to see what the PS4 can really do.