Jimmy Kimmel’s Climate Change PSA Is Tough To Deny

Jimmy Kimmel took time off from duping people into talking about things that didn’t happen and staging elaborate pranks to serve up a reality check to climate change deniers. On the May 2 episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the host took several minutes to berate anyone who denies the overwhelming evidence that climate change is real and humans are causing it.

“Climate change is not a liberal vs. conservative thing, but the people who profit from ignoring it want you to believe it is,” he said. “Unlike a lot of things, this isn’t a matter of political opinion. It’s a matter of scientific opinion, in this case, overwhelming scientific opinion. Our politicians debate this, but our scientists don’t.”

He also highlighted the hypocrisy of selectively choosing which scientific consensus to believe.

“Either you believe in science or you don’t,” he said. “Why do we believe scientists when it comes to molecules and the speed of light and Cialis, but not this?”

Kimmel capped off the monologue with a very special PSA paid for by “People Who Know More Than We Do,” stating in no uncertain terms that climate science is not some large-scale prank attempting to pull one over on the masses. Check it out up top.