Jimmy Kimmel And ‘Lie Witness News’ Asked People What They Thought Of The Debate Before It Happened

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09.27.16 2 Comments

The popular Jimmy Kimmel Live! segment “Lie Witness News” never fails at finding a decent number of people willing to claim the opposite of truth for the chance to go on camera. Its topics are vast, yet with the 2016 presidential election, it seems host Jimmy Kimmel’s best bits almost always have something to do with the latest back-and-forths between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Like when, following Monday’s first presidential debate, the show aired a special edition of “Lie Witness News” recorded before the actual debate aired, which, considering the segment’s questions, is an important distinction to make.

“So the big news today was last night’s debate,” Kimmel’s off-camera surrogate lied. “Who do you think did a better job, Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump?” Along with many other questions best left until after the actual debate, the interviewees featured offered a wide array of amazingly false answers. Responses that, to be honest, reflect what many are truthfully saying after the fact, for example:

  • Agreeing with the interviewer’s suggestion that Clinton demonstrated poise, while not really knowing what the word meant: “I like her poise. She was very poise-ful.”
  • Thinking Trump’s pull-up challenge to Clinton was “funny.”
  • Being totally okay with Trump’s “only using nuclear weapons if he was real pissed off” because he’d have “some good advisers.”
  • Commending Trump’s honesty, then stressing honesty’s importance while lying during an interview.

Everything is on fire and the world is coming to an end. But hey, at least most analysts agree Trump lost “bigly” to Clinton during the first debate.

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