Jimmy Kimmel Asked Kids To Explain What Love Is For Valentine’s Day

Life Writer


I don’t think I can answer the question “What is love?” without breaking out into a chorus of “baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more.” Luckily, the kids Jimmy Kimmel Live interviewed along Hollywood Boulevard don’t know anything about the dance classic, which made it easier for them to give thought-provoking answers to one of life’s greatest mysteries.

“Love is when you love somebody,” is the easy answer one smartypants gave when asked to explain the feeling. Another kid was right on the money when she called love “gross,” because people in love do all that “gross kissing.” I don’t blame her. At her age, I was pretty terrified of catching the cooties. For all the #foreveralone types, however, one kid said to go to a “woman casino” if you’re looking for love, which may just be a clever way to say a brothel since everyone’s hitting the jackpot in those places.

And then there was the one pre-adolescent who ditched her dreams of getting married to enjoy being single. “I’m not really into that stuff anymore. Like, marrying. I feel like I just want to be single now. Maybe when I get older.” Oh, to be an innocent kid again and not an adult counting down the days until her eggs dry up like the Sahara.

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