Jimmy Kimmel Pulls No Punches In His Response To Those Who Felt He Got Too Personal With Megan Fox

On Tuesday, Jimmy Kimmel and Megan Fox had a bit of televised chat that promptly came under fire for being a bit too personal. No, the Jimmy Kimmel Live! gab wasn’t about the 20th anniversary of Brian Austin Green’s debut album One Stop Carnival. It was about Fox’s pregnancy and the line of questions and comments the ABC late night staple brought to the conversation.

Kimmel and Fox chatted about her “super genius” fetus that encouraged her to move (which is why the interview clip nestled at the top of the post boats the unique title “Megan Fox Moved Because Her Fetus Told Her To”) and the actress’ pregnancy in general, including a bit where Kimmel joked that he felt lied to because Fox came “out here pregnant and not indicating it in any way.” The studio audience dug the interview, but that wasn’t entirely the response online. Criticism of Kimmel asking and joking about the pregnancy bubbled up with the argument that the subject was none of Kimmel’s business.

“The audience laughed and clapped after Kimmel joked that Fox was a liar, but this line of questioning is not amusing. Women are not obligated to announce that they’re pregnant, even if they’re famous,” wrote Hayley Cuccinello in a Huffington Post piece published yesterday.

It’s not an unreasonable assertion to make. Your body is your business and that doesn’t have to be sacrificed just because someone recognizes you from the movies. Kimmel has heard the response (HuffPo tweeted the piece right to him) and he had a very direct, bleepable, but valid response to this line of criticism.

Well, there you go. Do you think Kimmel joking around with Fox about her pregnancy was inappropriate, or is this an unfair criticism of a pre-approved topic?