Jimmy Kimmel Made Will Arnett Cry On ‘The Late Late Show’

Since Craig Ferguson’s departure from The Late Late Show in December, several guest hosts have taken the mantle while CBS prepares for new host James Corden’s first episode on March 23. Everyone from Drew Carey to Lauren Graham have given the gig a shot, but no one did it quite like Will Arnett did last night. In fact, Arnett’s one-night stint as guest host was so moving, in inspired guest Jimmy Kimmel to sing a song for him — a move that turned the Arrested Development actor into a sobbing pile of mush.

It’s actually a gag, as evidenced by all the smiles Arnett, Kimmel, and fellow guests John Krasinski and David Cross can’t stop cracking. None of this matters, because we get to see Gob Bluth cry on camera yet again. Plus, the number is a testament to Kimmel’s knowledge of late night, because he’s actually satirizing Bette Midler’s performance of “One for My Baby” on Johnny Carson’s final Tonight Show appearance in 1992.

Not surprisingly, Kimmel’s heartfelt moment and the resulting group hug contain more sexual tension and chemistry than Midler’s song and Carson’s ogling stare combined.

(Via The Late Late Show)