Jimmy Kimmel’s Emotional Story About His Newborn Inspires A Flood Of Children’s Hospital Donations

05.04.17 2 years ago

Jimmy Kimmel opening up about his family life has inspired a flood of viewers to open up their wallet for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

ABC News reports that the health care facility praised by Kimmel during an emotional Jimmy Kimmel Live monologue has seen a windfall of calls and donations. On Monday, Kimmel shared the incredibly personal story of how his newborn son William “Billy” Kimmel needed open heart surgery just days after being born. The monologue, which was instantly praised, featured Kimmel using this frightening scenario as an illustration of the problems with the current Trumpcare health care direction. Kimmel also heaped praise on the people that saved his child’s life.

The attention provided by the 13-minute monologue led to a surge in calls to Children’s Hospital L.A.

“We have literally had several hundred calls, maybe more than 1,000 calls to our center … and we have had some donations as well,” explained Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’s CEO and president Paul Viviano. “We are still sort of wading through what that is, but there has been a notable spike in interest in our heart center, in our programs, the surgical team surgical team that provided this high quality care [for Kimmel’s son]… A lot of calls have come from questions about personal health to ‘Can we support what you do?'”

Jimmy Kimmel Live has had guest hosts fill in for Kimmel since Monday. Will Arnett and Anthony Anderson have already subbed in and Kristen Bell and David Spade are slated for the rest of the week.

(Via ABC News)

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