Jimmy Kimmel Went To A Farmer’s Market To Ask People If They Knew What GMOs Were

If somebody came up to me with a microphone and asked me what I thought of GMOs, I’d probably shrug my shoulders and say, “Eh! We’re all gonna get cancer eventually.” Full disclosure: I actually do not know all that much on the topic of GMOs or if they have the capability to cause cancer, and typically purchase non-organic produce over organic produce because it costs less money. But there are a lot of people who are vehemently anti-GMOs, who also do not know all that much, if anything, on the subject.

This is where Jimmy Kimmel comes in, who sent a crew to a local farmer’s market to ask people on the hunt for fresh, organic produce if they are anti-GMO, why they are anti-GMO, and what “GMO” stands for (genetically modified organism). Spoiler alert: Not many people know what “GMO” stands for.