Joe Rogan Will Not Stand For TV Land Taking ‘The Dukes Of Hazzard’ Off The Air

Joe Rogan is wacky
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Comedian and UFC analyst Joe Rogan’s opinions aren’t simply limited to MMA fights that might be fixed or the immature nature of professional wrestling. At a time when your Facebook feed is packed with hot takes about gay marriage and the Confederate flag (or battle flag or whatever), and you just don’t think it’s possible to squeeze one more opinion into the mix without it bursting open like the containment unit in Ghostbusters, Rogan weighed in on the flag controversy in a way that only he can.

Except, his take doesn’t involve the flag itself, as much as the people who have dragged the General Lee and The Dukes of Hazzard into the national debate. And once TV Land announced it would stop airing episodes of the Duke boys, you better believe that Rogan would deliver his unfiltered, NSFW and all-inclusively offensive outrage.

Say goodbye to The General Lee. Today TV Land announced that they’re pulling the Dukes Of Hazzard off the air because of the confederate flag. In a tireless effort to turn our beloved country into a nation of weepy, sandy vaginas, they’ve shoved a politically correct boot into the memories of my childhood.

The Dukes Of Hazzard was about a lot more than just that sh*tty paint job on one of the most beautiful muscle cars the good lord ever inspired man to create; it was about tradition. That show started the tradition of the most iconic piece of clothing our nation ever produced; The Daisy Duke shorts. Those shorts were the real flag — a flag of identification and empowerment for gay men and sluts all over the world. Before The Dukes there really wasn’t any one piece of clothing that let the world know that you’re hungry for dick.

Congratulations, to the toxic lefties all over this increasingly nerfed world — today victory is yours.

Love him or hate him, you have to respect Rogan’s ability to say, “F*ck it” before he offends every group he can think of. In fact, I’m surprised this was so tame by his standards.

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