Let John Cleese Catch You Up On The First Six Seasons Of ‘The Walking Dead’

Getty / AMC

If you happen to be one of the few lonely people left in the world that’s not watching The Walking Dead, getting into the show may feel a little intimidating. There’s been six seasons so far, which works out to 83 episodes. AMC is currently doing a marathon that started this past Sunday that will last until October 23rd, but again… that seems like a bit much. Surely there’s an easier way to know what the heck is going on if you want to watch The Walking Dead season seven premiere this Sunday?

Someone must have been thinking the same thing, because NowTV has just teamed up with famed Monty Python member John Cleese to give you a slick four-minute wrap up of everything you need to know about The Walking Dead. It’s full of show happenings, facts, lingo, and tons of silly British words like “nutter” and “boffing.” For the newbies, it lays out what they need to know (there is no safe place and everyone dies) while entertaining those of us a bit more familiar with the show with said clips of everyone dying.

This isn’t just a refresher on how great The Walking Dead is, either. It doubles as one for Cleese. The 76-year-old is just as funny now as he was in the ’60s, and he started his own YouTube channel two months ago to prove it. So now that you don’t have to watch 80+ hours of The Walking Dead to be ready for this Sunday’s season seven premiere, maybe go check Cleese’s videos out.