John Oliver Found A Reason To Roast The Never-Arriving ‘Avatar’ Sequels (And James Cameron) On ‘Last Week Tonight’

Nearly twelve years have passed since Avatar blue itself (hi Tobias) at the box office. We’ve only had a few updates of interest since that time. Five years later, James Cameron promised the following of his forthcoming “bitchin'” sequels: “You will sh*t yourself with your mouth wide open.” Then came the revelation that one of the sequels’ titles, apparently, is The Seed Bearer. Back to the first point, though, which isn’t something that John Oliver is buying anymore, if he ever did at all (surely, he did not).

The moment in question arrived after the Last Week Tonight host took humanity to task for a 2009 Climate Change Global Conference promise that richer nations would help poorer nations on the climate change issue within a decade. That, of course, has not happened, so Oliver had to whip out a ready comparison for what is, and what is not, an acceptable context for delay:

“There are things it’s ok to take a decade on and not deliver on: the Avatar sequels, for instance. Take your time on those, James Cameron. No one gives a sh*t…. “I will give anyone in this audience one thousand dollars right now if they remember either of these characters’ names.”

Yup, you had to google that last part, right? That leads to remembrance that Zoe Saldana played Neytiri and Sam Worthington played Jake Skully, a part that pretty much guaranteed that few people recognize him on the street because he ain’t blue. The more serious part of this conversation, though, involved Oliver’s insistence that we all have to “wake world leaders up, figuratively and, sadly in one case, literally.” At that point, Oliver dropped in with this screencap of President Biden from the 2021 Climate Change Global Conference. Yeah, that’s not a good look!

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