John Oliver’s Back-To-School Crash Course Is The Only Thing Returning Students Need

Last Week Tonight is off again this week, but, as always, that isn’t keeping John Oliver and his team of heroes from gracing us with a web exclusive segment to hold us over. This week’s long weekend installment ambitiously takes on whether or not you really can’t wear white after Labor Day. Oh wait, that’s not it.

The above four minutes actually provides even — arguably — greater utility, as it’s a crash course on everything students returning back to school actually need to know about the subjects they’re covering. From American History to Geography to Math to the life and times of Penn Badgley, this really is the only video young scholars need to watch as they head back to campus.

Big ole spoiler alert to any students actually planning to read The Great GatsbyOf Mice and Men, or Romeo & Juliet, as Oliver goes right for the endings starting around the 3:00 mark and is sure to have at least outraged the four to five highly vocal internet commenters who didn’t already hit pause to let the world know which academic subjects are actually worthwhile, and which should be removed from every curriculum ever.

Pro tip: Once you’re done, watch this and then go google that Warren Harding phrase for more.