John Oliver On Billy Bush’s Role In The Leaked Trump Tape: ‘F*ck That Guy’

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10.10.16 6 Comments

Former Access Hollywood anchor Billy Bush isn’t having a great time right now, but that doesn’t mean John Oliver was about to go easy on him during Sunday’s episode of Last Week Tonight. After all, the Today personality — who recently attained fame for getting chewed out by Al Roker over Ryan Lochte — was caught on tape saying not-so-nice things about women with Donald Trump. Recorded for a 2005 interview, the two men’s “locker room talk” has since resulted in the Republican nominee’s latest round of media criticism and the morning talk show host’s suspension.

Bush deleted his social media presence and issued a formal apology, but Oliver wasn’t done with him yet. As Oliver phrased the popular sentiment directed against the NBC employee: “F*ck Billy Bush. F*ck that guy. F*ck him!”

“Last Sunday, I told you if you looked above the clouds, you would see rock bottom. But if you look up there now, just way, way up there, all the way up high, you will see right up in the distance where we were this time last week. Because since then, we have sunk so low we are breaking through the Earth’s crust, where drowning in boiling magma will come as sweet, sweet relief.”

Oliver’s criticism of Bush’s behavior in the video turned especially pointed when he singled out the way Bush enabled Trump’s lewd behavior throughout the interview, as well as his own:

“It is gross enough that he is serving as Donald Trump’s hug pimp, but let’s not gloss over the fact that he just said, ‘How about a little hug for the Bushy?’ A phrase that, if it is not already, should be a felony offense in all 50 states.”

And to think the worst thing Bush had done before this was defend a guy who assaulted America’s eyes with his Dancing with the Stars debut. How the mighty have fallen.

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