John Oliver Raises Fans’ Hopes By Claiming To Write A Book About History Lies, But He’s Probably Lying

Features Writer

Well, this video is a rollercoaster of emotions. When he isn’t popping up in court rulings and instigating IRS investigations, John Oliver delights fans with Last Week Tonight, and, occasionally, they release exclusive Web content to their YouTube channel. In this latest video, Oliver claims to be writing a book of hilarious history lies that will be released in April 2016. Cause for celebration, right? John Oliver writing any book would be amazing, but a book chock full of funny bullsh*t sounds absolutely wonderful.

However, that excitement was very short lived, as Oliver went on to claim in the video that there is no book on the way, that the book announcement itself was a lie. Oh. Despite only having a minute or so to be excited about the potential, that letdown was a painful one.

There are two ways to approach this: To take John Oliver’s words at face value and accept this as a cruel and kind of pointless prank, or assume that, in a video full of lies, that he is also lying about lying about a book. I guess we won’t know until a book arrives next spring. Or doesn’t. Consider this Schrödinger’s book until further notice.

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