John Oliver Explains Why Torture Only Works On Shows Like ’24’

Last Week Tonight‘s John Oliver took his special blend of sarcasm and outrage and focused on the United States’ torture scandal. It’s a bit late, though, considering the Senate Intelligence Committee summary on CIA torture came out in December, but who really gives a damn about what the “news cycle” determines is relevant? America tortured some folks, and most people are still in denial about the morality and effectiveness of the process. So, a John Oliver truthbomb is still a welcome addition to the conversation.

And what an addition it is! John brings Mel Gibson and Kiefer Sutherland into the mix and has Dame Helen Mirren reading report excerpts about rectal feeding. He reveals that the only thing stopping the U.S. from going back to torturing is an executive order from Barack Obama, one that only four presidential candidates for 2016 vowed they would uphold. It’s a sad state of affairs when a subject as black and white as “Is torture good?” gets muddled into grey. Maybe share this John Oliver clip around and help educate people on what the facts are.

(Via Last Week Tonight with John Oliver)