John Oliver Uses Labor Day As The Perfect Time To Introduce Some New Holiday Rules

Most people have heard the rule that you don’t wear white after Labor Day, though not many can tell you where the entire rule got its start. For John Oliver, it isn’t the answer to that question that interests him, it’s what we’re missing out on by not creating more holiday-related rules to follow each year.

Oliver posted a new Last Week Tonight clip for the holiday and to remind viewers that he is still on break until later in September. With it, he puts forth some new ideas for rules we should follow for holidays ranging from Thanksgiving to Christmas. People who like to leave their pumpkins out until the summer or drink egg nog the entire year won’t like these new rules, but they’re sensible arbitrary decisions we could all be making. I would add that keeping your Christmas lights up at all times should be necessary because it is festive and will keep the neighbors from falling into those bouts of depressions. Don’t buy that stuff about Christmas being the most depressing time of the year.

He also puts forth a few more Labor Day related rules we could be following, putting an end to certain activities forever. It isn’t clear where Oliver gets off feeling that a wink is gross, though we’re all for the proposed ban. It’s still silly and as George Costanza has proven, can be quite confusing.

(Via Last Week Tonight)