John Oliver Really Can’t Talk About That ‘Last Week Tonight’ Lawsuit, Even Though Stephen Colbert Really Wants Him To

John Oliver is taking a Game Of Thrones-induced break from his show at the moment, but that doesn’t mean he’s not still working. The break allows him some time to visit shows like The Late Show to chat with Stephen Colbert, but there’s still a lot of research to be done for both the show and the pending lawsuit by Murray Energy Corporation CEO Robert Murray. Not that Oliver seems worried about the lawsuit considering his discussion about HBO’s dragon money. He mostly just needs to spend his time to practice keeping his mouth shut about the case.

He’s put in a lot of work already according to this interview because Stephen Colbert doles out a lot of bait to get Oliver to blab and he doesn’t squeal. He’s watched the opening of Goodfellas a few times and knows that it pays to keep quiet. So this forces Colbert to do most of the talking — and possibly work himself into a lawsuit himself just by mentioning it — all while Oliver squirms and giggles like a school kid during “family life” week.

It’s a fun moment, plus we get to look back at Colbert becoming the first Daily Show correspondent to be sued. Jon Stewart and Colbert explained the incident during a panel at Paleyfest, giving insight at how the show scored some of those interviews back in the day. They don’t lie or anything, but there is a process in order the soothe the more savage beasts out there.

The interview also touched on the ongoing saga of Stupid Watergate, now featuring the email hijinks of Donald Trump Jr. and the comedic defense that is being pushed out by the members of the administration. When you have Sebastian Gorka doing his best General Zod impression on CNN, Kellyanne Conway playing the Carrot Top of the Trump White House, and everybody else hiding off camera somewhere while Fox News runs interference, you have an endless supply of content for your news show.

This ties in to a fun internet clip posted before the show that features Oliver entering the hall of fame of people who have been attacked by Donald Trump on Twitter. Oliver enters for Trump’s blatant lie about being invited on his show, something that still puzzles Oliver and leaves him asking, “what kind of moron would lie about something this pathetic?” A guy who is elected by the people to be president, that’s who.

(Via The Late Show)