John Oliver Torches Meghan McCain Over Her ‘Stop Asian Hate’ Lip Service After The Atlanta Spa Shootings

John Oliver’s recently resurfaced Meghan Markle prediction led to a sympathetic revisiting last week, but Oliver has no love lost for another Meghan: the daughter of late Senator John McCain and co-host on The View. He previously referred to her as “the most embarrassing child of a prominent figure,” and that’s really something, considering that (back in 2019) he chose McCain over any of the Trump kids. Sure enough, the Last Week Tonight host has revealed that his opinion on McCain hasn’t changed, and he ripped into her response to the Atlanta Spa Shootings, during which Robert Aaron Long allegedly killed at least six Asian women before attempting to claim “sex addiction”as a motivation, rather than a straight-up hate crime.

Oliver, naturally, wasn’t having that explanation, nor is he a fan of the Sheriff Department Captain Jay Baker declaring that Long simply had “a bad day.” Oliver dove into how former President Trump fueled anti-Asian sentiment with his “China virus” and “Kung Flu” rhetoric, and then Oliver circled over to Meghan McCain, who was perfectly cool (one year ago) to use such terms to describe a deadly disease-turned pandemic. In the below clip (after the 3:30 mark), Oliver lets her have it.

“If the left wants to focus on P.C.-labeling this virus,” McCain stated a year ago as relayed above. “It is a great way to get Trump re-electeI don’t have a problem with people calling it whatever they want. It’s a deadly virus that did originate in Wuhan.”

Oliver’s response: “Take the word from a wealthy white woman who’s dressed like she’s about to lay off 47 people over Zoom.” He then took issue with McCain’s posting of a “Stop Asian Hate” image on Twitter, and yeah, it’s not the best look, considering what McCain previously declared.


As Oliver points out, “There has to be an understanding that saying, ‘I don’t have a problem with calling it the China virus’ is very much giving space for that hate to grow.” Will McCain respond to the slam dunk against her? We’ll be watching.