John Oliver And Stephen Colbert Have A Nasty Showdown Over Their Respective Wax Presidents

Entertainment Writer

John Oliver’s appearance on The Late Show this week was a gem of an interview between old pals, but not everything made it to air on the night that the HBO host was a guest. While Oliver’s silence over his lawsuit and the growing relevance of the term “Stupid Watergate” made the initial show, Stephen Colbert saved what might be the funniest segment for his Friday night recap. As we know from Oliver’s final show before his Game Of Thrones break, he made sure his show outdid everybody else by obtaining 5 of the presidents from the closed Hall of Presidents in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Thanks to $13,500 in bids, Last Week Tonight walked away with Nixon, Clinton, Carter, William Henry Harrison, and sensual lover Warren G. Hardin, all because “we are five times stupider than any other TV show.”

During his reveal, Oliver dropped a little burn on his former Daily Show pal Colbert and his wax pick Zachary Taylor — though he wanted Martin Van Buren at the start. The choice of Taylor is the sticking point for Oliver, who criticizes the former president’s tenure for being a “one year wonder.”

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