John Oliver Revisited The Time Steven Seagal Bizarrely Ate Carrots With ‘The Last And Only Dictator In Europe’

John Oliver’s back in the studio after far too long talking to the blank space that he not-so-lovingly referred to as “The Void.” The Last Week Tonight host celebrated with a deep dive on the world leader who’s quite possibly the most ridiculous one of all (and that’s saying something). That would be Alexander Lukashenko, the longtime leader of Belarus and the guy who’s famously referred to himself as “the Last and Only Dictator in Europe” and has achieved over 25 years of autocratic rule.

As Oliver points out, that’s a dubious title indeed, and one that’s akin to claiming fame as “the Last Radio Shack or the Last Person to Make a Movie with Harvey Weinstein.” And if one can’t fully appreciate the ridiculousness of Lukashenko, one need only look at his gift-giving habits. Those include handing lard and potatoes to Russian President Vladimir Putin and a giant carrot to one-time American action Star Steven Seagal. The sight of the On Deadly Ground star chomping on a phallic-shaped veggie (around the 6:40 mark above) is nothing, however, to the preposterousness that Lukashenko has been allowed to foster. More than that, the guy is downright dangerous.

Oliver was more than happy to glide through a few examples, including the hockey-obsessed Lukashenko standing in full uniform at a rink and claiming that there couldn’t possibly be any coronaviruses in the air because he couldn’t see them. And that’s only the beginning, given the long list of journalists, critics, and dissidents who have either mysteriously disappeared or been found dead during Lukashenko’s rule, largely because he has vowed to take action on anyone, anywhere (all around the globe) who dares to speak against him.

To that, Oliver declared, “Your suit’s too big, you suck at hockey, and whatever it is you do with your hair isn’t fucking working.”

Watch the full video above.