John Stamos Instagrammed A Wholesome Photo From The ‘Fuller House’ Set

The venerably-haired John Stamos took a moment yesterday to Instagram a very important moment from the Fuller House set. Despite the absence of the Olsen twins on set, this reboot could be a moderate ratings grabber amongst the online-streaming set. Stamos jumped at the chance to play Uncle Jesse again, although he was briefly derailed by a DUI. Stamos also took great care to thank the Beverly Hills police department for arresting him.

Full steam ahead. Stamos must be extremely excited about the imminent Beach Boys return on the show that catapulted him (and his hair) to stardom. Stamos did recently complete a stint in rehab, so it’s all good. Perhaps Kimmy Gibbler will receive a more prominent role in the new series. Shhh, no spoilers, John.

(Via People)