Jon Hamm And Craig Ferguson Are Unemployed And Looking For A Mail Route In Alaska

We’re all sad to see Stephen Colbert leave The Colbert Report, but he’s also just a few months away from starting the clock on his Late Show term. Craig Ferguson, on the other hand, is leaving the air this week without any firm announcement about where he goes next, save for his side gig as a game show host and the Hot and Grumpy: Walking the Earth stand-up tour.

This upsets me as someone who wants a nightly dose of Ferguson’s creative and batsh*t crazy energy before bed, but while I’m going to have to learn to live without that (or recede into a pool of Late Late Show re-runs on YouTube), at least I know now that he will be safe in the capable hands of a bearded Jon Hamm, aka his new travel buddy.

As you can see in the video above, Hamm (who is also unemployed now that Mad Men has finished shooting) and Ferguson teamed up last night for an unhinged interview that began with a plan to tag team a rural postal route (and possibly Geoff the robot skeleton) in Alaska and ended with their plans to take over Reykjavík, Iceland (below).

I suppose you follow Jon Hamm anywhere, but I imagine you’d long for a warmer kick-off destination than Alaska while the two of you are huddled for warmth in the hollowed out remains of Secretariat… or maybe not.

With all of that said and unfortunately visualized, though, a Wire marathon with the mayor of Reykjavík sounds like a lovely endeavor for two retired postal workers out on the prowl for adventure and I look forward to watching the saga of Hamm and Ferguson in the theater of my imagination. It’ll air every weeknight after the Jon Hamm and Adam Scott starring shot-for-shot remake of Simon and Simon that lives beyond the opening credits in the caverns of my mind.

Source: YouTube