Jon Hamm Loves ‘I Think You Should Leave’ And ‘Fleabag,’ Just Like Us

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Jon Hamm attended the London press junket Tuesday for Good Omens, a six-episode Amazon adaptation of Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett’s 1990 novel of the same name, about a middle manager-esque angel and demon teaming up to try to prevent the apocalypse. In the show, Hamm plays a kind-of smarmy dickhead version of the Archangel Gabriel.

Seeing Jon Hamm in person, I was hoping for some sign that the handsome rich guy is secretly a vain moron, or at least something other than the hip everyman he always appears. I’m thus devastated to report that in our brief interaction, Jon Hamm was more or less as advertised — aspirationally handsome with greying stubble, a compelling conversationalist, genuine or doing a good impression of it, and, worst of all, not even that short. He’s the kind of personality who makes being friends with a celebrity seem both worthwhile and attainable. Like if they’d only cast Jon Hamm as Vinny Chase in Entourage maybe Entourage wouldn’t have sucked so bad.

Seated next to 27-year-old Puerto Rican actress Adria Arjona, who plays a good witch in the show, the conversation took Hamm from politics to bingeable television (would you believe his new show, Good Omens, is both politically relevant AND highly bingeable?!), drawing a distinction between binge TV and appointment TV (which Jon Hamm says are both great, just great).

“I’m of both minds,” Hamm said. “Like for Handmaid’s Tale, it’s like [at this point Hamm clapped his hands, John Madden style] Wednesday? Can’t wait. When’s it drop? Bang. Game of Thrones? [hand clap] Sunday night, man. Barry? Can’t wait. Let’s go. My ass is gonna be part of this couch by ten o’clock. And then certain other things I will [Hamm snaps his fingers, apparently to indicate binging]. Like Fleabag, I devoured. There’s a show on Netflix. I Think You Should Leave, a sketch show, that Tim Robinson did, that I think is hilarious. I watched that all the way through. Then I watched it again all the way through.”

True, Handmaid’s Tale and Fleabag are other Amazon shows, but Game of Thrones, Barry, I Think You Should Leave? Those are all the shows I watch! Dammit, Jon Hamm, are celebrities secretly just like us? I never got around to asking Hamm which TV shows he thought sucked, but I’m going to assume Entourage.

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