Jon Hamm Wants You To Know That Final ‘Mad Men’ Scene Was Not As Peaceful As It Seems

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Gonna try to get through this without pointing out the obvious, but it’s going to be tough. USA Today spoke with Mad Men star Jon Hamm about the show’s finale and his chances at the Emmy Awards this year — It’s his eighth nomination, with no wins — but the standout seemed to be his experience with the final shot of the series. Obviously if you’ve yet to watch any of the final season of Mad Men, this might not be the post for you. Obviously you know Danger Guerrero called it all by now, though, so this is only a courtesy warning.

The ending showed Don Draper meditating at Big Sur in California, entering a peaceful world of Coke products and advertising nirvana. But for Hamm, the scene was not that peaceful and he actually had a pretty tough time:

“I’m not a very flexible person….So that was a tricky day. And we knew that was going to be the last image of the show. And I like (that) they have used that for the (Emmy) campaign. It’s cool, different, interesting and, hopefully, an iconic moment.”

In Hamm’s words, he “literally pulled both of my groin muscles” during the scene, making it very hard to get up after the fact, and even harder not to make a joke about Hamm’s groin right now. But that wasn’t the only trouble with the scene:

“It wasn’t easy. My task through all of that was not to fall off the cliff. I was hoping at the time there would not be a stiff breeze, because it would have blown us all off. It was actually very windy that day. You can’t tell that because my hair doesn’t move. I had about nine pounds of hairspray to make sure.”

They honestly look so comfortable up there, you would never know that horrendous death awaited them if a wayward breeze made its way through the area. Screw putting this in a consideration ad for the Emmys — which they did — put it in a hairspray ad. Or better yet, put it in an ad for Jon Hamm:


Pulled groin.

(Via USA Today)

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